The Zedah are a space-faring reptilian species known for their advanced cybernetic technologies. Most of the species stands at an impressive 7 or 8 feet in height and possess tough scaly skin and bony plates from their heads and down their backs. They are not particularly bulky but possess a fine, stringy musculature which makes them deceptively strong. They are long lived, many reaching ages of about 3 hundred years. Though for those who have embraced implants life is considered nearly indefinite.

They once held a vast and prosperous republic which stretched across a large swath of space, but it has been reduced dramatically due to internal strife. A civil war has waged for three centuries amongst the Zedah; between those who believe evolutionary perfection can only be achieved through technology and those who believe evolution must progress naturally.

The official government as recognized by other races, is pro-technology. In ages past the Zedah prided themselves in having a corruption-free republic that was surprisingly efficient and oversaw the Zedah grow exponentially in power and size, but their stance on cybernetic implants to quicken evolutionary progression disturbed many of the Zedah. When the republic decreed mandatory implants for every Zedahen, nearly half the republic rebelled in an event known as the Great Schism. The outrage was so great that even some Zedahens whom had implants rejected them.

The head of the republic is the consul. The consul of the republic had been granted emergency powers three centuries ago, at the beginning of the civil war and was named Dictator for Life. The consul was declared dictator at the age of   221; he now boasts an age of 525 years courtesy of advanced life preserving implants. In the present the republic is only so in name, the dictator holds absolute power and has preserved the senate purely as a formality and to give his rule legitimacy.