Ade VataEdit

Type B4 V Blue/ White            
Solar Radius 0.03 AU
Temperature 20926 °C
Luminosity   5.53 x 1030 W


Type Chthonian Planet
Orbital Radius 3.50 AU
Orbital Period 0.25 Galactic Standard Years
Surface Gravity 1.52 g


Type Gas Giant
Orbital Radius 6.18 AU
Orbital Period 0.85 Galactic Standard Years
Surface Gravity 3.54 g



Carbon Planet
Orbital Radius 8.98 AU
Orbital Period 1.08 Galactic Standard Years
Surface Gravity 3.75 g


Veli PlanesEdit

Type Asteriod Belt
Orbital Radius     13.35 AU
Orbital Period 838.04 Galactic Standard Years

Pasita NuEdit

Type Coreless Planet
Orbital Radius 25.23 AU
Orbital Period 5.12 Galactic Standard Years
Surface Gravity 28.89 g
Moon Glok (Large)

Kazik 4ATHEdit

Type Ocean Planet
Orbital Radius 29.25 AU
Orbital Period 3629 Galactic Standard Years
Surface Gravity 0.97 g
Atmosphere Type II, Toxicity level 1
Hydrospehere 94 % water (79% salty), 1 % ice, 5% land
Local Day Length

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