World War 3 was one of the largest and bloodiest wars in human history, as well as the first official war to be fought in space. The war lasted 42 years, and cost over 100 million combatants and non-combatants your lives. The war started in late 2283 after tensions between the European Commonwealth and Red Star Alliance flared up due to border proximity of two astroid stations. In 2286, the European Commonwealth requested the help up the United Nations, who was fighting a seperate proxy war against the United States of America. As the four nations became involved in a three-way-war, it was taken to the stars after a Red Star Alliance dreadnaught fired on a EC civilian frigate.

By 2304, the United States of America was in no condition to fight off-planet, and was essentially defeated. They did, however, continue to strike at the three enemies with guerrilla tactics, which only resulted in three of their cities being razed as a warning. The Red Star Alliance, despite their issues due to the number of assassinated High Marshals, were winning the war in the majority of space, having conquered dozens of space stations and a handful of dwarf planets and astroid stations. In 2305, however, as High Marshal Orlev was killed in action after the United Nations bombarded independant cities on Mars in an attempt to slow down the invaders, the office of High Marshal was dissolved. This action ruined the RSA Military chain of command, and resulted in panic and chaos across the battlefield.

By 2316, the RSA had lost most of their territory, and their only military action was chipping away at the United Nations F.O.B on Ceres. The war was declared over after the European Commonwealth and United Nations launched a synchronized attack on all known RSA military installations in 2325.

The RSA retreated back to Titan, their last remaining colony and outpost, whilst the United Nations and European Commonwealth subjugated the United States of America and formed the Sol Alliance. The independant colonists on Mars and Ceres, as well as a dozen dwarf planets and astroid stations, took the chance to establish a makeshift republic, the Martian Conglomerate, while the other two factions were recovering.

Notable BattlesEdit

  • The Fall of Kiev
  • The Battle of Bucharest
  • The Battle of Cluj-Napoca
  • The Battle of Deva
  • The Battle of Pecs
  • The Fall of Budapest
  • The Siege of Berlin
  • The Fall of Magdeburg
  • The Battle of Munich
  • The Tragedy at Luxembourg
  • The First Battle over Earth
  • The Battle of Station EC-1
  • The Fall of Station RSA-5
  • The Fall of Station RSA-3
  • The Fall of Station RSA-4
  • The Second Battle of Berlin
  • The Second Battle of Budapest
  • The Battle of New Horizon
  • The Second Battle of Kiev
  • The First Battle over Mars
  • The Second Battle of Munich
  • The Second Battle over Earth
  • The Fall of Serbia
  • The Fall of Poland
  • The Third Battle over Earth
  • The Siege of Ceres
  • The Tragedy at Novogrod
  • The Fall of Korea
  • The Third Battle of Budapest
  • The Siege of Astroid Station EC-4
  • The Fall of Astroid Station EC-8
  • The First Battle over Ceres
  • The Tragedy at New Horizon
  • The Fall of Russia
  • The Fall of China
  • The Fall of Japan
  • The Tragedy at New York
  • The Fall of California
  • The Fourth Battle over Earth
  • The Fall of Washington
  • The Second Battle over Ceres
  • The Siege of Station RSA-12