A race from far away, their home planet is unknown and is only referred to as C'rtal. They were the first to discover advanced communication - and therefore other races. However, when they saw how brutal and primitive the other races were, they decided to hide from them until the time is right or at least until they are not forced to show themselves.

However, the trace of this gentle touch did not disappear, for the other races remembered them as magnificent creatures, and later on, they were mystified as "the descendants of gods" because of their inhuman psychic abilities and deep understanding of physics and quantum mechanics and the fact that they were gone for so long that they were barely remembered. Even on Earth, the humans called Greeks referred to them as "Titans". They can transfer energy to matter and vica versa. Altough the Valka may seem superior in mind, even they have a great weakness: their fragile body.

Their home planet is nearly completely dark, so their sight is a less developed feature, thus they rely on their other senses: they can hear very well, they sense air and water pulses. In a bright light, they are effectively blind. They have fluorescent skin patches on their body and their faces which emits pale light.