Following the Sol Alliance's quick subjugation of both the Martian Conglomerate and the Titan Regime , the United Planets was formed as a vassal of the Sol Alliance in an attempt to prevent civil war or rebellions. The United Planets were used by the Sol Alliance as a source of great income, cheap labour, and military forces.

All United Planets citizens aged 18 - 25 are forced to join one of the Sol Alliance's corps. These corps, ranging from everything from Military to Engineering and Medical, are in turn used to further the Sol Alliance's cause for minimal payments. After they finish their tours of duty, the citizens are given a choice to stay and become a Sol Alliance citizen and work in the corps for full pay, or go back to United Planets space and be forced to learn new skills. Often times they choose to stay in SA space because it's all they've been trained for, they've met someone, or they like their ideals. Most, however, still hold great hatred for the SA and prefer to go back to the United Planets to try to improve their community.


The United Planets governments works much like the Martian Conglomerate government did, consisting of a massive senate filled with average people who vote on their community's well-being. This form of government allows all issues, big and small, to be adressed cheaply, as well as minimizing corruption.


The United Planets is forbidden from maintaining an official military, but they have managed to form an unofficial para-military organization known as the Liber Suus . Liber Suus is largely a volunteer army, and consists out of millions of security guards, police officers, and untrained civilians. It is used as a reserve army, and not deployed lightly. Liber Suus is only deployed against slavers, pirates, and other external threats, and are always on the look out for potential betrayel from the Sol Alliance .