The Titan Regime Flag

Near the end of WW3 , the Red Star Alliance was pushed back to Titan , one of Saturn's moons, where their headquarters was located. When the Sol Alliance was formed and the Red Star Alliance saw no reason to persue thanks to their rapidly decreasing military and navy, they declared Titan to be their new capital, and laid claim to everything past the astroid belt seperating the inner and outer planets. A short while later, they renamed themselves the Titan Regime.

Years passed, and the Titan Regime kept harassing the inner planets with mercenaries and privateers, maintaining no official army so they could deny the ongoing war. This pattern continued for almost five hundred years, but as news reached the Titan Regime that the Sol Alliance had conquered the Martian Conglomerate, they quickly attempted to withdraw their forces in fear of retaliation. The response was not quick enough, however, and the rejuvinated Sol Alliance carved a warpath to Titan, conquering it within a few years.


The Titan Regime was ruled by a Lord Marshal, who leaded both the political and military branches with an iron fist. Although they leaned heavily towards communism, the Titan Regime was officially a democratic tyranny. Despite the martial law and constant war, the Lord Marshals were all dearly loved by their subjects thanks in part to propaganda, and in part to their ability to keep crime and famine down.


The Titan military relied almost completely on mercenaries for ground troops and privateer captains for the navy. Thanks to this, all of the military action taken by the Regime was fully deniable, and allowed them to fight an ongoing war for more territory.


The Titan Regime had colonized and terraformed most of Saturn and Jupiter's moons , as well as holding hundreds of astroid stations and deep space stations. At the height of their reign, it was estimated that they had a total of over ten thousand settlements in the form of stations, cities, military camps or military outposts.

The Denied WarEdit

The constant war between the Martian Conglomerate and the Titan Regime, which kept both sides weak much to the glee of the Sol Alliance, was officially dubbed the Denied War by historians. The war was constant and brutal, costing millions of soldiers their lives. It was a highly controversial war, due to the Titan Regime's refusal to admit the mercenaries fight for them, as well as the mercenaries' tactics. More than once the privateers would level entire cities on Ceres and other dwarf planets in the astroid belt to gain an inch of land, and mercenaries favoured using scorched earth tactics, often commiting regicide and razing city blocks before moving on or retreating.

The war ended when the Sol Alliance invaded Mars and claimed it as a de jure part of their empire, then quickly advancing and obliterating the mercenary fleets before moving to conquer Titan itself.