Sentient species reach certain levels of technological and intellectual advancement over different times. These levels have been categorized by experts according to data gather from all space-faring species in the galaxy, and is used to label known sentient species and civilisations.

Type 1, Primitive These types of civilizations still use stone tools or no tools at all 

Type 2. 


More advanced than Type 1, these civilisations are capable of constructing simple buildings and weapons

Type 3,


These civilisations are using vehicles or machinery, and have started using more advanced or ranged weaponry.

Type 4,


This type of civilisation has discovered the secrets of nuclear power and is capable of building complex cities and vechicles, as well as weaponry.

Type 5, 


Space-faring races. This is considered to be the most advanced type of civilisation. These types are capable of advanced and intergalactic space traveling and colonisation.