The Sol Alliance was the result of the European Commonwealth and United Nations agreeing on an alliance after the end of WW3 , and their combined military force, however broken, is what allowed them to secure the United States of America as a vassal and claiming Earth and all territory surrounding it.


The Sol Alliance is ruled by a Supreme Chancellor that has an entire council of ministers that rule different aspects of the republic. The council is funded and essentially ran by corporations; ministers usually get to their office by bribing and blackmailing their way up the food chain, meanwhile a corporation can "sponsor" a minister and pay for his campaign in return for the minister's promise to put the corporation's needs first. The corporation that funded the current Supreme Chancellor might as well say they run the Sol Alliance.

About the SymbolEdit

Explanation of the Sol Alliance Flag’s Symbolism - Extraction of Prof. Nicholas Garen “Boots of the Alliance" published in 2907.

Sol Alliance final

Sol Alliance Flag

Human Race as a whole originated from Earth while I would only consider it as a representation of the problems that are deeply rooted in our current system. Everything that is wrong with our government is represented in this so-called “Icon of Freedom and Wisdom" First, let’s take a look at the sword itself : do not mind the fact that this sword is originated from one of the biggest empires of the Human history - the Roman. Here the government and the teachers would like you to believe that this sword represents the Roman foundations of Law and Order, the same foundations that our current society is supposedly based upon.
Now let us look at the whole composition and the iconographic meaning of the whole Symbol of Sol as a unified and meaningful composition: the 13 stars on the top of the Symbol of Sol is the originated representation of the old United States of America’s founding 13 states, originally an old symbolism from the Bible; they were leaves on a single olive branch handed down by God after the Great Flood to show Noah that peace have returned after the great downpour. The creators of the Symbol of Sol has replaced the olive branch with stars to represent the colonial ideology we are facing nowadays; to show that we can once again aim for the stars and colonize our entire universe.
Is it a coincidence that the unified symbol of peace has been replaced with a symbol that has a tool of war on it? I think so not.
We have 24 columns side by side next to the sword. We have 14 columns on the top 1st line split into 7-7 on either side, and 10 columns on the 2nd line split into 5-5 for each sides. All these columns are put on the ground, standing above them like tall indestructible towers.According to the official standpoint, these columns are a representation of the Sun and other colonized solar systems' suns, standing above the Earth and its people, bathing them in the life-giving rays of light…
No matter what the government preachers say, isn’t it curious that we have, and had for centuries, 14 large mega-companies controlling the planet? You might argue “but the sword is held by the people, represented by the placement of the hilt and guard!” Yes, the people hold the sword, but the wings of the corporations are guiding the sword holding the blade and as a result, controlling the minds of the people. They point the sword in the direction they want itto stab, and that is the only freedom you have…”

Prof. Nicholas Garen, Professor of political and Sociologycal Science, was found guilty in collaborating with Anarchists and Separatists, and was executed as a result of a trial. The trial ended in unanimous vote for death by the grand jury.