After they invented space travel, the Crale began to conquer habitable planets. When they met the Mer in their early discoveries they showed hostility towards them, however, primitive Mer easily repelled the Crale attacks.

After their first failed attempt to create a soldier army against the Mer resistance, the Crale Sun Emperor Sharrha started a secret project called "Sethignis"

The creation of this weapon was neither for military or economic purposes, but rather because of jealousy. It used up a gas planet as fuel and it took decades to make it useable. It perfectly demonstrates how the Crale followed the Sun Emperor`s orders without hesitation, even if it made no sense.

A Mass Destruction Weapon, SethignisEdit

The Crale already had advanced knowledge in terraforming, and they developed a device to make planets habitable. The Sethignis team, using the blueprints of that device created a weapon for a different purpose: defeating the Mer.

It took almost a decade to fully operate the weapon, using up nearly an entire gas planet. The Sethignis accelerated the natural process which caused volcanoes to erupt and also, created new volcanoes with terraforming. This caused waters to became polluted, very frequent earthquakes and nature to almost entirely die out, thus, the Mer home planet slowly became unhabitable. Many of the Mer successfully "evacuated" their planet but - as they didn't have the necessary time and their knowledge of space travel was very new, millions have died. 

Effects on the Crale societyEdit

Most of the Crale were not aware of the Sethignis project, it was all planned by the Sun Emperor Sharrha, who later got the title "Mad". His real intention became obvious to his people after Sethignis nealry destroyed the Mer home planet and it led to the first and probably last Crale "revolution".

It was a rather small attempt which was stopped exceptionally fast but the “rebels” did kill Sharrha and destroyed the Sethignis. Many wonder whether it was really a revolution or rather a political move by Sharrha’s son Tahebyu who became his successor. The creation of the weapon exhausted the Crale economy, the mere cruelty of the Sethignis action was highly infamous and divided the Crale society into two opposing groups. One of these groups were either fanatics of Sharrha or either those who wanted to kill in order to conquer. The other group was terrified by their Emperor's deeds and cruelty.