Flag of RSA

The Red Star Alliance was a pre-spaceflight alliance made up of most Slavic and Far Eastern countries, including Russia, Serbia, China, Japan, India and Korea. The Red Star Alliance was formed in 2145 after tensions rose thanks to the European Commonwealth and the United Nations both becoming fully fledged governments. Small proxy wars and border skirmishes was common, and the cold war lasted far into the space age.

As humans began colonizing their own solar system, each nation laid claim to their own planet and moon. By 2283, as most of the solar system was colonized and each nation sought after more territory, war broke out. Although technically not fought on a single planet, it was dubbed as the Third World War by historians. Due to the high number of High Marshals being murdered during the war, the office of High Marshal was dissolved and the chain of command became largely platoon based, which caused the collapse of the military hierarchy. Many historians believe this is the reason the vastly superior Red Star Alliance lost the war.

The war tore the Sol System appart, and threatened humanity's continuing survival. The war raged until 2325, and ended with the no clear winner. The Red Star Alliance transformed into the Titan Regime, and was centered around Saturn.

Notable PeopleEdit

  • Chairman Zeng - First Political Leader
  • High Marshal Polyakov - First Military Leader
  • Chairman Ming - Political Leader during WW3
  • High Marshal Makov - Military Leader from 2283 - 2289 (assassinated)
  • High Marshal Zakovski - Military Leader from 2289 - 2295 (assassinated)
  • High Marshal Konev - Military Leader from 2295 - 2304 (assassinated)
  • High Marshal Orlev - Military Leader from 2304 - 2305 (KIA)