The Qeran have tentacle-covered mouths. They are genderless, and are able to reproduce on their own. Since they were freed, they became well-known for their nutritious food and shrines. They are integrated into another culture, but have no land of their own.

The Qeran were an experiment to create a genetically modified army that has no conscience, feels no fear and has no identity and lives only to be controlled, but the experiment failed as they have started to show signs of emotions and self-consciousness later on and ever since they were merged into their society as a slave race but were freed later. Their mere existence is thanks to Tahebyu, the previous Sun Emperor, "Mad" Sharrha's son who prevented his father from destroying the whole race. They were the scapegoats in the eyes of the Crale for not winning the war. They were not allowed to attend any education and were forced to do slave labor.




The Pari-Qerans are the few Qerans that were accepted on board the Pari Tertia section of the Merian Pari System. The Mer welcomed the freed Qeran as they saw their potential in physical labour. Due to the Qerans' robust body they were quickly assigned maintenance jobs on the most challenging parts of the Pari System. Without the Qeran, the Mer were forced to use expensive drones to deal with their home's reconstruction, and due to heavy cosmic radiation they were often under repair. The Qeran, as the Crale designed them, were built to withstand heavy physical stress, and they are able to quickly reproduce their cells that are damaged by radiation. In addition, the Qeran's genetic code was cleverly concealed with a shroud of Iskir technology, so mutation by ionic radiation was not to be worried of.

Pari-Qerans living in the Pari Tertia are equal to the Mer working class, who also live in considerably good conditions. Unlike on Kritteka, the Crale homeworld, the Pari-Qerans don't have the possibility of government-grade occupations, so they are unrepresented in the Mer society.

Appearance: Industrial worker's outfits, overalls

Religion: Atheists

Soubriquet: Pari-Qeran


The Cra-Qerans are the majority of the Qeran who live on Kritteka, the Crale homeworld. The Qerans have been adopted into the Crale society quite well, if not taking in account the racism from the Sharrhan Crale. Cra-Qerans have full citizenship on Kritteka, with a single Qeran in the Crale Republic's Senate, so they are quite well-represented and generally live in good conditions.

Majority of the Cra-Qerans work in the industrial sector, with few as houseworkers and some in the military. The Republic army has its own Qeran Brigade, which the Sharrhan Crale are not too happy about.

Appearance: Modern and slim outfits, similar to Republican Crales'

Religion: Atheist

Soubriquet: Cra-Qeran


The Outcasts are the Qerans that have left the big cities of Kritteka. They don't feel welcome due to the Sharrhan Crales' hatred. The Outcasts luckily have been backed up by the Republic and other outcast Crales, who live with them as equals in Equilibrium States. Outcasts, both Crale and Qeran, are much more independent when it comes to technology. They prefer a simpler way of life in the nature, and the Republic has given them the chance to practice this peaceful way of life with the Republican guards and drones guarding the Equilibrium States from Sharrhan fanatics' terrorism.

The Outcasts are well known for their nutritious foods and they are in business with some Cra-Qeran restaurants and merchants whose foods they provide. Equilibrium States receive much tourism income thanks to these dietaries.

Appearance: Modest clothing

Religion: Atheist

Soubriquet: Outcast Qeran