Pari or Pari system is the name of the whole spacecraft the Mer live on. The whole spacecraft slowly travels. Many of them believe that they will sooner or later find a planet where they can settle again, but many of them abandoned this hope long ago. 


The Crale weapon of mass desctruction called the Sethignis accelerated the natural process on the Mer home planet which created new volcanoes with terraforming,  waters became polluted, and there were very frequent earthquakes, natural life on the planet nearly entirely died out, thus the planet slowly became unhabitable.

Many of the Mer successfully evacuated their planet but - as they didn't have enough time and their knowledge of space travel was very new, billions have died.   

After the Sun Emperor's secret was revealed (possibly by his own son, Tahebyu, who previously tried to stop his father's cruelty), most of the Crale rebeled, and it ended with the Sun Emperor's death. Tahebyu, after becoming his successor, realised the gravity of his father’s deeds and made a treaty with the Mer and he offered help in creating the remaining of the Pari System.

After their life were not in apparent danger the Mer started looking for another planet they could live on. They called this the Eden Initiative. Their desperate search eventually led to them becoming somewhat of an “explorer race” and thus they also have a huge collection of archeologic finds.

Parts of the Pari SystemEdit

Pari System or simply Pari is a chain of hundreds of spaceships bound together, several serving as life generator, and many of them were made to preserve and maintain plant and animal life. 

Pari PrimeEdit

The main control spaceship. Here live the politically important people and close to Pari Prime are the main trade and financial districts. Security in this area is very high, as any damage to Pari Prime may as well lead to the destruction of the whole System. People from outisde the Pari System are not or very rareily allowed to enter the Prime.

Pari Beta Edit

Here live the richer part of the Mer society, as well here are all the most important bureaus and ministries. Most of the richer people also work here. The schools and facilities in this section are relatively very expensive. Ambassadors from outside the System are given temporary accomodation in Pari Beta, there are many funtains and grass-covered areas as well all kinds of entertainment possibilities.

Pari TertiaEdit

Here live the lower part of society, middle and working class. Their homes are as well maintained as the ones in Pari Beta, as their government supports maintenance across their whole spacecraft to keep the System up do date and safe. Those outsiders who seek to get acommodation in the Pari System are often settled in Tertia as the priority of the System is still to keep the Mer society and culture alive.

Pari SaeptiEdit

The sections that give home to animals and plants are often separated from the living quarters. In Pari Saepti, there are whole integrated forests and rivers in these ships as well as many forms of wildlife and plants.