Considered by many races to be the serenity of the universe, the Ordna are a tribe of individuals devoted to the teachings of Xyhn, a spiritual practice derived from traditional existentialism and mindful-meditation. In their efforts to follow the ways of the iconic Xyhn’sa, the Ordna are known as beings who exhibit uncompromising levels of empathy, compassion, and overall beneficence. As harbingers of tranquility, this race of beings has found themselves serving as intermediaries between warring nations and planets, offering profound wisdom and insight into the condition of all sentient creatures. Though calm in both thought and feeling, they have been the target of various militant groups that have taken their harmonious beliefs for weakness. While balance and enlightenment is held in the highest regard, the Ordna are not hesitant to defend their way of life if all other options have been exhausted.

Before they are soldiers, however, the Ordna are thought of for their intellect first and foremost. As a conglomerate of scholars and awareness-seeking individuals, Ordna people place heavy emphasis and value on the pursuit of knowledge, for they believe the progressive mind is the only one which is truly alive. As such, they dedicate much time and energy to the cultivation of education, employing year-round academics for not only children and adolescents, but also adults. Those who do not adhere to this cultural principle are considered “wanderers,” or individuals who are thought to have lost their way. It is the Ordna belief that those who do not reach total enlightenment by the time of death, will be reborn again and forced to live their life over, but with all the information attained in their previous existence to help finally ascertain full awareness. Those who are able to garner complete enlightenment, though, are thought to have found transcendence, and are believed to live on for eternity as a collective consciousness comprised of all the other souls who have done the same.

Because of their practices and morals, the Ordna remain steadfast in the maintenance of their ethnic gradation. As a result, a specific emphasis is placed on the concept of “walking the path of harmony”, which is reflected by an individual’s personal goals for enlightenment, but also their contribution to others, as well as the holistic culture. Those who seek to upset this equilibrium are given an opportunity to explain their actions, rethink the efficacy of their behavior, atone for their deeds through communal work, and reintegrate into society without fault. Those who refuse this pardon are placed on a singular island until they find the meaning of their existence.

The Ordna are mostly a welcoming race to outsiders, and are eager to showcase the ways of their customs. The individuals who wish to deter their harmony through violence are met with Ordna’s only protectors, the YsMer-Kin Spear. The YsMer-Kin Spear Spear is made up of a group of specially trained soldiers who defend their home-world with spears and the deadly martial art skills passed down from the knowledge of the YsMer-Kin Spear Headmaster. It is said YsMer-Kin Headmasters were dragon-like in former existence, and made a pact in the afterlife that they would repent for the chaos they may have caused through the rigorous training of YsMer-Kin soldiers. Consequently, the Headmasters are looked at as calculating individuals who seemingly place duty before emotion. They are stern, and sometimes rigid in their methods, but understand that the YsMer-Kins are the race’s only paladins, should they be attacked by malevolent forces.

The Ordna are a tall, slender group of creatures, with yellow skin and large eyes, offset by a small nose. They do not possess hair anywhere on their body, giving their skin a smooth, sheen look and texture to it. To accent their almost glowing skin of yellow brilliance, they outfit themselves in red Kasaya robes, traced in a vibrant white. The robes are free-forming and non-restrictive, conducive to the bodily movements required of Xyhn prayer, which includes many yogic maneuvers and stretches. The Ordna are often misinterpreted as an androgynous race of people, but in fact, are not. Gender, however, is only differentiated by presence of one earring in each ear of a female Ordna. Male and female Ordna are joined in matrimony only after they have received the blessing of their region’s local Xyhn vicar.

The Ordna live under the rule of a monarchy, with a single prime minister at the point of its government. A prime minister is not restricted to a specified number of terms, and most prime ministers will eventually transcend while in office, at which time a new leader is chosen by a council of elected clerics.