The race of stingray-ish looking people. They are very peaceful and calm. They have wing-like arms that they fold around themselves. They hardly use their hands when not in the Pari System as they are very vulnerable when the wings are not protecting their body. When outside the Pari System, they use a pair of feeler tentacles and their kinetic abilities to replace the need for arms.

As they are constantly traveling, they are exceptionally good at exploration and they have a huge collection of archeological finds and phylosophy/myhts. Their government is a bureaucracy. They live in a chain of city-state spacecrafts called Pari or Pari System that is known for its exotic plant and animal life. 


The Mer were attacked by the Crale and their planet was destroyed by the terramorphing weapon Sethignis . Their planet became uninhabitable and just before their whole race died out they were offered help by Tahebyu, who wanted to make right the previous Sun Emberor, his father's cruelty and the Crale helped them finish the Pari system. It is a chain of spacecraft that form a life form similar to that on planets.

They live on a chain of spacecrafts called Pari or Pari System. The whole spacecraft slowly travels. They believe that they will sooner or later find a planet where they can settle again, but many of them abandoned this hope long ago. This has nearly ended in a civil war several times. They welcome outsiders, they are open to alliances. The space-nomad life form was very comfortable, however, they faced a very serious problem; he female Mer were unable to bear a second child for some reason and many of the newborn died as well. They still have not been able to find out why and to avoid complete extinction, they have sent some smaller colonies to the Crale’s planets. Tahebyu, feeling guilty for his father’s deeds agreed to help them as much as he could, however it had caused much instability in the Crale society. Many of them actually believed the Sun Emperor Sharrha’s plan was for the greater good and they grabbed every chance they could to harm the Mer.