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The Martian Conglomerate was formed after the end of WW3 , by colonists on Mars and dwarf planets in the astroid belt seperating the inner and outer planets. Mars, which was fully terraformed by independant colonists during the early days of WW3, along with Ceres , was used as F.O.B's once WW3 was taken to the stars after it was obvious the war won't be won by invading countries.

After the decleration of a new government, the Titan Regime began a five hundred year long war for territory, in what became known as the Denied War. Although the Martians held out strong, near the end of the war they had lost most of their planets inside the astroid belt due to the enemy's scorched earth tactics.

The Sol Alliance, which had secretly been building up grand armadas and entire theatres of war while the Martian Congolmerate and TR  were fighting, invaded and quickly took Mars .


The Martian Congolmerate was ruled by a Senate consisting of popular community members. This gave power to the people to vote on everything that went on within the makeshift republic, ranging from military and government choices down to where to build roads or what color buildings should be. The massive governmental body minimized corruption and maximized maintenence and sped up the process of dealing with issues.


The Martian Conglomerate's military consisted out of well organized divisions of infantry and navy, but had little detailed structure thanks to the lack of anything below regiments. Soldiers had to police and punish themselves, and deserters or war criminals were almost never caught, but it meant that the troops fought better as a whole due to the fact that they had to rely on each other and their own instinct to survive. Many historians believe this lack of chain of command was the reason the Sol Alliance so easily defeated the Martian Conglomerate.

The Denied WarEdit

The constant war between the Martian Conglomerate and the Titan Regime , which kept both sides weak much to the glee of the Sol Allience, was officially dubbed the Denied War by historians. The war was constant and brutal, costing millions of soldiers their lives. It was a highly controversial war, due to the Titan Regime's refusal to admit the mercenaries fight for them, as well as the mercenaries' tactics. More than once the privateers would level entire cities on Ceres and other dwarf planets in the astroid belt to gain an inch of land, and mercenaries favoured using scorched earth tactics, often commiting regicide and razing city blocks before moving on or retreating.

The Sol Allience conquered Mars after nearly five hundred years of war, and the unprepared Martian Conglomerate were completely caught off guard, resulting in the fall of Mars within months.