Jissak face

The Jissak are a feline-looking race. Altough they might seem fragile at first, the Jissak are usually very flexible, agile and sly, therefore a terrifying opponent in either gun or hand-to-hand combat. That, and the brutal weaponry they gained access to makes them highly dangerous.


Oddly, they don't seem to like members of their own species very much. They barely control a subterranean city-state on Tlalok that is the site of a lost Iskir civilization. This city is not their real place of origin and it is not revealed where they came from. They have no roots, no national or racial consciousness, their society is chaotic. Many of them abandoned their planet in their spaceships. They seek wealth because their home planet is rather plain. They tend to rob other space ships and sell the loot. They are often referred to as the Jissak Marauders due to their pirateous ways and they obviously have a rather bad reputation.

 In their early days of discovery, they have conquered and slain the Iskir on their home planet Tlalok


and have set up their own home on the planet. They have made researches on the remnants of the abandoned Iskir technology and build advanced spaceships and weaponry, even before overpopulations. However, they were not quite satisfied with Iskir technology, mainly because they couldn't understand it's true depth and purpose without their original inventors. They completely ignored all safety and invented the infamous Marauder ships.

Later on, they have met with the Mer, just like the Crale did, but they were much more cautious and forged an alliance with them. The Mer were happy to have an ally, because they were still a bit afraid of the Crale threat, even with the peace treaty Tahebyu made with them. The Jissak gained considerable military power through Mer sources, and in return, they shared their weapon schematics with their allies, so the Pari System gained a considerably good defensive system.