Crale NationEdit


Crale RepublicEdit

The Crale Republic is the coalition of the Crale that follow Tahebyu, the legal emperor of the Crale Nation. They are subdued to the new laws that Tahebyu has set in motion after the Mad Sun Emperor Sharrha's reign ended. They are fairly acceptive regarding the Qeran and a considerable amount of the citizens of Crale Republic utilize Qeran work force with respect and dignity and treat them as they would treat another Crale. Some Crale even have Qeran houseworkers and a few Qeran have gained reputable positions in the public sectors.

Sefir Shaht, the diplomat and voice of the Qeran, appointed by Tahebyu himself, works at the Senate and is the first and currently the only Qeran with suffrage in the democratic voting process.

Appearance: Modern, slim, technological outfits.

Religion: Craleic Pantheon

Soubriquet: Republican Crale

Sharrha Sect

The Sharrha Sect is a relatively small group of Crale that stick to their heritage and traditions. They are loyal to the late Sun Emperor Sharrha and feel that the legal emperor, Tahebyu's, way of governing the Crale Nation is weak and inadequate. They despise the Qeran and wish to eradicate them from the surface of the Crale Nation. They are responsible for the disorder in the Crale Nation through terrorist attacks against Qeran housing areas and general misbehaviour when it comes to other Crale and the Qeran.

The Sharrha Sect leader, the Prophet as they call him, is a religious and political fanatic whose goal is to one day get hold of the Senate in order to bring back the Sun Emperor's era's recession regarding technological development and Qeran rights. The Crale Republic has the upper hand over the Sharrha Sect regarding manpower and technology, but some are dubious regarding their coalition's power, since the Sethignis device had gone missing, and rumours said that the Sharrha Sect was responsible for this act.

Appearance: Old, heavy, thick and decorated robes as used in the Sun Emperor's court.

Religion: Craleic Pantheon, Sharrha Revival

Soubriquet: Sharrhan Crale


The Crale Outcasts are those few that don't feel welcome in the major cities, mostly due to the Sharrha Sect influence. The Crale Republic are in good terms with them, but the Sharrha Sect treats them as badly as they do the Qeran.

The Crale Outcasts live at the outskirts of the great cities and in remote locations such as mountainous and swampy areas with the poorer Qeran population. In these Equilibrium States the Crale and Qeran live in peace and harmony, both races being equal within the borders. Sharrha fanatics are strictly forbidden to enter these premises and Tahebyu has even set in motion an ordinance that places Republic guards to aid in the security of Equilibrium States due to the Sharrha Sect terrorism.

The Crale Outcasts wish to one day return to the major population along with the Qeran, once the Sharrha Sect has been dealt with.

Appearance: Modest clothing, similar to the Qeran.

Religion: Craleic Pantheon

Soubriquet: Outcast Crale

The Qeran



The Pari-Qerans are the few Qerans that were accepted on board the Pari Tertia section of the Merian Pari System. The Mer welcomed the freed Qeran as they saw their potential in physical labour. Due to the Qerans' robust body they were quickly assigned maintenance jobs on the most challenging parts of the Pari System. Without the Qeran, the Mer were forced to use expensive drones to deal with their home's reconstruction, and due to heavy cosmic radiation they were often under repair. The Qeran, as the Crale designed them, were built to withstand heavy physical stress, and they are able to quickly reproduce their cells that are damaged by radiation. In addition, the Qeran's genetic code was cleverly concealed with a shroud of Iskir technology, so mutation by ionic radiation was not to be worried of.

Pari-Qerans living in the Pari Tertia are equal to the Mer working class, who also live in considerably good conditions. Unlike on Kritteka, the Crale homeworld, the Pari-Qerans don't have the possibility of government-grade occupations, so they are unrepresented in the Mer society.

Appearance: Industrial worker's outfits, overalls

Religion: Atheists

Soubriquet: Pari-Qeran


The Cra-Qerans are the majority of the Qeran who live on Kritteka, the Crale homeworld. The Qerans have been adopted into the Crale society quite well, if not taking in account the racism from the Sharrhan Crale. Cra-Qerans have full citizenship on Kritteka, with a single Qeran in the Crale Republic's Senate, so they are quite well-represented and generally live in good conditions.

Majority of the Cra-Qerans work in the industrial sector, with few as houseworkers and some in the military. The Republic army has its own Qeran Brigade, which the Sharrhan Crale are not too happy about.

Appearance: Modern and slim outfits, similar to Republican Crales'

Religion: Atheist

Soubriquet: Cra-Qeran


The Outcasts are the Qerans that have left the big cities of Kritteka. They don't feel welcome due to the Sharrhan Crales' hatred. The Outcasts luckily have been backed up by the Republic and other outcast Crales, who live with them as equals in Equilibrium States. Outcasts, both Crale and Qeran, are much more independent when it comes to technology. They prefer a simpler way of life in the nature, and the Republic has given them the chance to practice this peaceful way of life with the Republican guards and drones guarding the Equilibrium States from Sharrhan fanatics' terrorism.

The Outcasts are well known for their nutritious foods and they are in business with some Cra-Qeran restaurants and merchants whose foods they provide. Equilibrium States receive much tourism income thanks to these dietaries.

Appearance: Modest clothing

Religion: Atheist

Soubriquet: Outcast Qeran