A race close to extinction, the Docti used to be one of the most intelligent and advanced races in the known universe. They were known as the librarians of the universe, as the continuous travel across galaxies enabled them to gather information on every known race and planet. As every empire and kingdom sought the knowledge, the libraries of Docti were known in every corner of the universe. They were even used while preparing for large-scale wars, which soon made the Docti into the centre of military intelligence for anybody that needed it. At first the leaders of the archives opposed such usage of the sources, but soon the possibility of gaining unlimited wealth could not be resisted. This resulted in the Docti becoming very good friends with some races and arch-enemies with others.

Equipment made by the Docti was also widely regarded as the best quality one could get, as the advancements and discoveries made by Docti scientists surpassed any other race by at least decades, if not centuries. Their spaceships were twice as fast ant twice as powerful as any others on the market. Their guns and food production equipment would serve for far longer than anything used before. But because of the limited industrial strength of the Docti homeplanet and all profit being directed to the libraries the Docti equipment soon became a target of treasure hunts, as finding even the simplest tool made by the Docti soon became a close-to-impossible task. The deals with some of the nations enabled the “librarians” to expand their industry and to build more and more. This would soon make the Docti one of the wealthiest races in the known galaxy, as everybody that invested even the tiniest amount of capital into their equipment became richer and richer, thus starting an infinite loop of investment and profit.


It is known that the Docti evolved from Cygni. As Cygni continued their search for more customers and possible planets to establish warehouses in them, one of the colonies got stranded in the planet that the Docti live in now. The carbon monoxide environment made them quickly adapt, as the crashed ships were unable to leave the planet.

The Cygni engineers and scientists put everything at stake by trying to accelerate evolution and make the stranded population able to live under harsh conditions and even breathe carbon monoxide. At first filters were used, but soon one of the scientists made a discovery in the science of gene manipulation that created the possibility of potentially accelerating the evolution of the species. After decades of testing the new race, Docti, was born. Docti in Cygni language meant “the new ones”. As manipulation successfully rewired their whole systems, appearances and different attributes changed as well. The Docti became much taller than their predecessors (they now averaged over 7.5 feet, compared to 6 feet). Even though their muscle definition suffered greatly (the scientists could not come up with a way to compensate a lack of oxygen to grow the muscles), the mental capacity for no apparent reason skyrocketed, what made the Docti into the well-known geniuses of the galaxy.

Soon after the new race completely replaced the old colonists the Docti started working on advanced exploratory ships that would enable them to reach even the furthest corners of the galaxy in a relatively short amount of time. They knew that becoming a powerful nation was out of the question, as the mutations also severely damaged the possibility to reproduce. It was clear that the Docti had to come with a new way to settle in this world, and monopolising all knowledge and information seemed to be the best path for this race.

Soon the plan came in place. The Docti amassed information about most races in the galaxy in a relatively short amount of time. All of it was stored in a newly built laboratory, that could only be accessed by the Docti librarians, a small group of people that were trained in storing information and using it, if needed, for the best purpose possible. It did not take long for some of the larger empires to take notice of the idea, and Docti received new guests. At first the Docti librarians gave access to the others, as they believed that the main goal was for the races to get to know each other better and prevent unnecessary wars. However, soon the coincidences of obtaining information on a specific race and then winning a war against it piled up and the Docti shut the doors of the library to anybody outside the librarian circle. Even if this would mean hiding away amazing amounts of information from anybody, preventing wars seemed to be a good enough reason.

As generation changed, the Docti library remained closed form any public attention. But at a certain point, the librarians and the leading Docti became weak. They were offered hardly imaginable investments into their race and the industry of the famous Docti equipment in exchange for access to the libraries. Knor’Di, the leader of the librarians at the time, accepted the deal and the library became accessible to anybody that had enough money to buy-off the librarians. Soon they became the rich circle of the society and the Docti started to hate them. However, this was not the biggest problem lurking around the corner.

As soon as the news of the library being open to the highest bidder spread, the smaller empires did not hesitate and staged an attack against the Docti. As they were quickly defended by their investors, a war broke lose. The so-called War of Knowledge continued for 20 years. As none of the armies had the technology to wage full-scale war in harsh conditions of the Docti planet, it turned into a slow and small scale battles that would eventually exhaust one of the sides. The ones to lose were the investors, even though they had the access to all the information they needed. Fighting against every known race at the same time proved to be too much of a challenge.

As soon as the war ended the Docti cities were massacred, in order to put an end to the race that pitted races against each other. The libraries were not touched, because nobody knew how to access them. In the midst of the war a big group of Docti managed to escape the planet and split up across the universe in order not to attract any attention. Most became advisors to kings and emperors, while others joined industrial conglomerates to sell their unbeaten technological knowledge and the ability to accelerate progress.

The PresentEdit

Hundreds of years later the Docti remain close to extinction. Most of the exiles managed to secure high-rank positions, which made them rich and enabled to keep the race alive. Their children and grand-children, even if mixed with the other races, still have sky-rocketing IQ’s and still have to use masks to breathe in the oxygen-based planets. Some still sell the Docti equipment, which now became a synonym of an artifact or a treasure.

Appearance Edit

The Docti are easily distinguishable among other races. All of them wear masks that hide the whole face (unless they’re on a carbon planet). The hair is usually long and resembles dreadlocks, the only attribute that is left over from their ancestors. The mask does not show facial attributes, as they’re are generically made to be universal for everybody. Some more highly-advanced individuals have their masks custom made. Then they usually are of a different color and a family crest is usually printed on the front, around the cheekbone.

The skin of the Docti is dark green, and the females are easily distinguished by white patches. The face under the mask is usually quite pointed at the front, making the nose and the mouth point out the same length.  The eyes are of one color, yellow mixed with black . The Docti have no ears, only holes instead of them.