The constant war between the Martian Conglomerate and the Titan Regime, which kept both sides weak much to the glee of the Sol Alliance, was officially dubbed the Denied War by historians. The war was constant and brutal, costing millions of soldiers their lives. It was a highly controversial war, due to the Titan Regime's refusal to admit the mercenaries fight for them, as well as the mercenaries' tactics. More than once the privateers would level entire cities on Ceres and other dwarf planets in the astroid belt to gain an inch of land, and mercenaries favoured using scorched earth tactics, often commiting regicide and razing city blocks before moving on or retreating.

Notable BattlesEdit

  • The Battle over Ceres
  • The Siege of Ceres
  • The Second Battle over Ceres
  • The Third Battle over Ceres
  • The Second Siege of Ceres
  • The Fourth Battle over Ceres
  • The Fall of Asteroid Station MC-3
  • The Fall of Asteroid Station MC-7
  • The Fall of Asteroid Station MC-1
  • The Battle of Station MC-8
  • The Battle of Station MC-3
  • The Battle of Station MC-Ceres
  • The Fifth Battle over Ceres
  • The Third Siege of Ceres
  • The Fall of Alpon
  • The Fall of Yelen
  • The Fall of Rivaden
  • The Sixth Battle over Ceres
  • The Fourth Battle of Ceres