A humanoid race with dry, yellowish brown skin and eyes without pupil.

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They are quite tall, and they usually have a slim structure.  Their body tends to overheat, thats why they have gill-like holes in their faces to provide proper cooling. They also naturally hibernate.

Hibernation in the crale species has become a privilige, only those of higher classes can "afford" hibernation.

The Crale are both very elegant and arrogant. They think of themselves as the only race who has true understanding of the cosmos and that their religion is superior.

Their home planet is Kritteka. The planet has three moons and lots of rocky mountains and waters. There are rock fields where the rocks levitate in the air which makes it hard to use space/aircraft in certain areas. Their capital is Ortid Duva, a monumental circular city with huge walls and temples. The Sun Emperor and Empress live on the highest tower in the middle and are considered to be lead by the gods themselves. They worship a matriarchal pantheon of gods and goddesses.  They have nearly no military as their body is quite fragile, however their defense is made up my automated sentries and androids, their cities are protected by huge energy shields. After Akhai unified the tribes of Kritteka, the Crale went through a huge technological advancement and live in cities protected by energy shields. A few tribes remained outside these cities, but they either died out due to recent meteorite activity or sought refuge in the cities.

The Crale are noted for their well-rganised banks and magnificent, monumental architecture. They are exceptionally good at organizing and they have a vast library and their history is very rich.  History

After they invented space travel, the Crale began to conquer habitable planets. They have met the Mer in their early discoveries and showed hostility towards them. It was beyond their imagination that the primitive Mer could possibly be more powerful, as they did not have space travel then at all. However the Mer easily defeated any approaching Crale spaceships.

The Crale first thought it was only because they could not adopt to the conditions, so they began a research to create a soldier army that could defeat the Mer resistance. The experiment failed, leading to a new race, the Qeran. (They wanted to create a genetically modified army that has no conscience, feels no fear and has no identity and lives only to be controlled but somehow after a short time they showed emotions and signs of self-consciousness)

After the wake of the Qeran, Sun Emperor Sharrha announced that the Qeran won't help them win this war and that the gods were angry for creating them. He would have them utterly destroyed , if it weren't for his son, Tahebyu, who thought it was too cruel and he convinced his father to let them live. They were used as scapegoats for not winning the war, thus, the Qeran were treated like animals, or even worse. They were created for a special purpose they could not fulfill and were thought to be the reason for the anger of the gods, but they were smart and had very strong survival instincts. In a way, they were greater than the Crale; they were much more flexible in knowledge, like how a child can learn something faster than an adult. The genetic modifications granted them strength and stamina, but they were raised and told to be a failure and meant no threat to the Crale. They were not allowed to attend any education and were forced to do slave labor.

The Crale were astonished by their defeat, but they were sly. They fooled theMer into trading their knowledge of weaponry for their knowledge of space travel. It may not seem cruel but this was part of a bigger plan which caused much suffering to the Mer. The Crale already had advanced knowledge in terraforming (it was necessary for planets that were otherwise uninhabitable) and had a weapon called Sethignis which accelerated the natural process which caused volcanoes to erupt and also, created new volcanoes with terraforming. This caused waters to became polluted, very frequent earthquakes and nature to almost entirely die out.

The creation of this weapon was neither for military or economic purposes, but rather because of jealousy. It used up a gas planet as fuel and it took decades to make it useable. It perfectly demonstrates how the Crale followed the Sun Emperor`s orders without hesitation, even if it made no sense.

Thus, the Mer home planet slowly became unhabitable. Many of the Mer successfully "evacuated" their planet but - as they didn't have the necessary time and their knowledge of space travel was very new, millions have died. 

This was when the Mer started building the Pari System. It was planned to be a lifesaver ecosystem for all living things from their planet.

Most of the Crale were not aware of the Sethignis Project, it was all planned by the Sun Emperor Sharrha, who later got the title "Mad". His real intention became obvious to his people after Sethignis nealry destroyed the Mer home planet and it led to the first and probably last Crale "revolution". It was a rather small attempt which was stopped exceptionally fast but the “rebels” did kill Sharrha and destroyed the Sethignis, but the blueprints were never found. Many wonder whether it was really a revolution or rather a political move by Sharrha’s son Tahebyu who became his successor. The creation of the weapon exhausted the Crale economy, the mere cruelty of the Sethignis action was highly infamous and divided the Crale society into two opposing groups. One of these groups were either fanatics of Sharrha or either those who wanted to kill in order to conquer. The other group was terrified by their Emperor's deeds and cruelty.

Due to the whispers of foul play and treason on Tahebyu's part, the new Emperor was unable to keep the government intact and the people content. As a result, he passed a law that allowed different factions and groups to petition for political freedom, and in doing so, creating petty countries. These countries or planets had independence in their own right, and were allowed to elect their own political heads, wage their own wars, and use their own laws. The catch was that they still had to follow the Imperial Constitution, and in the end still had to answer to the Emperor above their own political heads. This bold move on Tahebyu's part surprised the population, as it was the first time in their history that they had seperate governments on the same planet or in the same solar system. Though there were still whispers of unrest and civil war, for the large part things were calm.

Tahebyu realised the gravity of his father’s deeds and made a treaty with the Mer; he offered help in creating the remaining of the Pari System. After their life were not in apparent danger the Mer started looking for another planet they could live on. They called this the 'Eden Initiative'. Their desperate search eventually led to them becoming somewhat of an “explorer race” and thus they also have a huge collection of archeology finds.

This space-nomad life form was very comfortable, however, they faced a very serious problem. The female Mer were unable to bear a second child for some reason and many of the newborn died as well. They still have not been able to find out why and to avoid complete extinction, they have sent some smaller colonies to the Crale planets. Tahebyu, feeling guilty for his father’s deeds agreed to help them as much as he could, however it had caused much instability in the Crale society. Many of them actually believed the Sun Emperor Sharrha’s plan was for the greater good and they grabbed every chance they could to harm the Mer.


Crale RepublicEdit

The Crale Republic is the coalition of the Crale that follow Tahebyu, the legal emperor of the Crale Nation. They are subdued to the new laws that Tahebyu has set in motion after the Mad Sun Emperor Sharrha's reign ended. They are fairly acceptive regarding the Qeran and a considerable amount of the citizens of Crale Republic utilize Qeran work force with respect and dignity and treat them as they would treat another Crale. Some Crale even have Qeran houseworkers and a few Qeran have gained reputable positions in the public sectors.

Sefir Shaht, the diplomat and voice of the Qeran, appointed by Tahebyu himself, works at the Senate and is the first and currently the only Qeran with suffrage in the democratic voting process.

Appearance: Modern, slim, technological outfits.

Religion: Craleic Pantheon

Soubriquet: Republican Crale

Sharrha Sect

The Sharrha Sect is a relatively small group of Crale that stick to their heritage and traditions. They are loyal to the late Sun Emperor Sharrha and feel that the legal emperor, Tahebyu's, way of governing the Crale Nation is weak and inadequate. They despise the Qeran and wish to eradicate them from the surface of the Crale Nation. They are responsible for the disorder in the Crale Nation through terrorist attacks against Qeran housing areas and general misbehaviour when it comes to other Crale and the Qeran.

The Sharrha Sect leader, the Prophet as they call him, is a religious and political fanatic whose goal is to one day get hold of the Senate in order to bring back the Sun Emperor's era's recession regarding technological development and Qeran rights. The Crale Republic has the upper hand over the Sharrha Sect regarding manpower and technology, but some are dubious regarding their coalition's power, since the Sethignis device had gone missing, and rumours said that the Sharrha Sect was responsible for this act.

Appearance: Old, heavy, thick and decorated robes as used in the Sun Emperor's court.

Religion: Craleic Pantheon, Sharrha Revival

Soubriquet: Sharrhan Crale


The Crale Outcasts are those few that don't feel welcome in the major cities, mostly due to the Sharrha Sect influence. The Crale Republic are in good terms with them, but the Sharrha Sect treats them as badly as they do the Qeran.

The Crale Outcasts live at the outskirts of the great cities and in remote locations such as mountainous and swampy areas with the poorer Qeran population. In these Equilibrium States the Crale and Qeran live in peace and harmony, both races being equal within the borders. Sharrha fanatics are strictly forbidden to enter these premises and Tahebyu has even set in motion an ordinance that places Republic guards to aid in the security of Equilibrium States due to the Sharrha Sect terrorism.

The Crale Outcasts wish to one day return to the major population along with the Qeran, once the Sharrha Sect has been dealt with.

Appearance: Modest clothing, similar to the Qeran.

Religion: Craleic Pantheon

Soubriquet: Outcast Crale