One thing all planets in the galaxy have in common is that they all have a climate that can be categorised into five major arch-types. Experts have spent years writing and refining these types, which makes it easier to classify planets and flag them for colonisation, exploration, and mining.



Considered to be unhabitable by traditional means. Even so, many animals still live in polar climates, although no known plant life exists in this type of climate.   

Type 2


Capable of supporting life, tundra climates support a wide array of both animal and plant life.

Type 3


Considered to be the most comfortable living environment, the majority of creatures live in temperate climates.

Type 3b


This type of climate is host to rainforests containing strange animal and plant life of varying size. It is thought that only 23% of all life within tropical climates on known planets is logged.

Type 4


Capable of sustaining animal and plant life, but generally too hot for most temperate creatures to life comfortably.

Type 5


Like polar climates, it is thought to be uninhabitable by traditional methods, but still contain animal life. However plant life rarely life for longer than a few years in this type of climate.